Generic Stendra (Avanafil)


Description of the drug Generic Stendra (Avanafil)

Avanafil pills are a generic version of the “youngest” sexual impotence medicine impotence. The drug is really able to “shut up behind the belt” all brand pills for for the treatment of impotence.

Generic Stendra is the fastest-acting drug of all: it starts 15 minutes after you take it. Other advantages of Avanafil 100mg are its power (one tablet of Avanafil does not lose its effectiveness even in severe forms of impotence and almost no side effects fundamentally new technology has allowed the creators of the drug to reduce the occurrence of such effects 1%. Time of action of the drug is 6 hours.

At the beginning of 2010, the leading American pharmacists have developed an innovative drug, increase potency – Avana. After numerous tests, it was approved by food and Drug Administration in the U.S. and today known as Stendra. The drug Avanafil begins to work in as little as 15 minutes after taking it. Its effects are not inhibited by alcohol or food and lasts for 6-7 hours.

Advantages of the drug Avanafil:

  • The effects of Avanafil come on very quickly – 15 minutes after taking it;
  • Long action of the drug – 6 hours;
  • Can be easily combined with fatty foods and alcohol;
  • Suppresses insecurity and fear of sexual intimacy;
  • Has no age restrictions;
  • Quickly eliminated from the body;
  • The remedy can be taken by hypotensive people.

The standard daily dose of Avanafil is 100 mg. Depending on individual tolerance, the dose can be increased to 200 mg or reduced to 50 mg. The dose should not be adjusted if the patient has renal or liver. In addition, the drug accumulates in the body, so with each dose the strength and duration of an erection only increases.

Doctors recommend the use of Stendra for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. A specialist should be consulted before taking the drug. The combination of the remedy with Erythromycin or Ketoconazole increases several times the the amount in the man’s body. It is especially not recommended to take Stendra in parallel with beta-adrenoblockers. An overdose or improper use the drug may adversely affect not only the performance of the genitourinary system, but also cause general well-being and poisoning of the body.

Pharmacological action

The drug Avanafil 100mg is a popular remedy to combat sexual dysfunction in men, which has minimal side effects.

The therapeutic effect is achieved due to:

  • Stimulation of blood flow to the penile head;
  • Relaxation of arterial smooth muscle walls.

In terms of speed of action, Avanafil is far ahead of its older “brothers”.
A strong erection occurs within 10-30 minutes after intake against the background of natural sexual desire. According to its chemical composition, Stendra is a highly selective FDE-5 inhibitor, that is, it acts only on the urogenital system without affecting other organs. Such operation of the drug minimizes the occurrence of side effects and allergic reactions.

Indications for use

The drug Stendra can take men of any age who seek for many years
Men can take Stendra for men of any age who seek for many years to maintain their sex life at a proper level.

How to use

The initial dose of Stendra, which the doctor prescribes is half a tablet, that is 50 mg drug. If the drug is well tolerated without diagnosable side effects, then the daily dose is increased to 100 mg. The action of the drug Avanafil 100 is based on natural sexual arousal, so an erection without an apparent reason is absolutely is excluded.

Contraindications Avana 100 mg:

  • Allergy to any component of Avana 100mg.
  • Combination with nitric oxide donators, nitrates, nitrites.
  • Concomitant use of other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use Stendra to adolescents, children and women.
  • Physical problems with the shape of the penis – angulation, etc.
  • Diseases that are characterized by pain during erection and uncontrolled
  • Tendency to bleeding and reduced blood clotting.
  • Exacerbation of stomach ulcers.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Side effects of Avanafil.

Mostly, Avanafil side effects in the body occur when the dose taken generic exceeds the base dose. In such cases, there is sometimes one or at the same time seizures; skin rashes; general loss of strength; tachycardia; fainting; nosebleeds; vomiting; redness of the eyeball; painful erection.

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